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Friend List Database Migration for Update 4.4

Friend List Database Migration for Update 4.4

  • Vainglory
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  • Jun 10, 2019

Important news everyone! In update 4.4 we will be migrating our friends list database for all Vainglory accounts.

Why you ask? To put it simply, we are moving the database to improve performance issues related to the friends list. This should alleviate issues particularly for people with huge numbers of friends, especially if a large chunk of those friends are currently inactive.

How does this affect you? This database migration will be taking place during the 4.4  Update. Anyone that logs into their account during Update 4.4 will automatically send friend requests to everyone on their previous friends list. Friends that were on your list will automatically send friend requests back to you when they update and log in, resulting in them appearing on your friends list again automatically. (No, you will not have to manually accept/decline hundreds of requests!) This change will have little to no impact on active accounts, as your friends who are online regularly will automatically appear on your friends list again once they log in to Update 4.4.

Important Note!:  Anyone who does NOT log in during update 4.4 will have their friends list wiped. If you want to keep your friends list intact, you MUST log in to Vainglory during the 4.4 Update Cycle. The aim with this change is to reduce the size of players friends lists who have inactive friends,  helping boost game performance and reduce strain on the friends list database.

Friends List Cap: With this migration, the friends list will also be capped to a maximum of 500 friends. We are aware that some players may need a cap that exceeds this number and we will adjust this value on an individual basis for people that require the higher cap. But wait, I have more than 500 friends, will they all get invites? Yes, to reiterate, all of your current friends on your list will receive an automatic invite when you log in to Update 4.4. The first 500 of those friends who log in to Update 4.4 will automatically friend you back!

Wrapping it up, make sure you LOG IN at least once during Update 4.4 to retain your active friends list as you will automatically send friend requests to your previous friends list upon logging in. See you in 4.4!