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Check out the Rare ‘Enforcer’ Kinetic!

Check out the Rare ‘Enforcer’ Kinetic!

  • Vainglory
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  • Jun 12, 2018

Before she was commander of a mech army, ‘Enforcer’ Kinetic served in a Special Weapons Unit. Read more about this rare skin below!


  • Sleek, night ops body armor & plasma spear recolor
  • Pink glowing armor and hair
  • Tactical face shield


Today, the SWU

Behind the barricade, the New Aullerium Special Weapons Unit watches lasers sweep across the street. Warning shots ricochet off the shields and concrete barrier. Kinetic’s partner hunches down close. His deep voice cracks through their communicators. “We go on Kinetic’s signal. Shields cover. Focus the Boss.”

Kinetic’s face shield rises. The night air is charged with electricity, adrenaline and gunpowder. “You sure I’m ready for command?”

“Today, the SWU. Tomorrow, an army. Get after it.”

Her face shield lowers. “On three.” Her plasma spear powers up. “One. Two…”

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