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Check out the Epic ‘Horus’ Idris!

Check out the Epic ‘Horus’ Idris!

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  • Sep 01, 2017

The Horus King believes that Ra is his people’s one hope against the onslaught of the Churn, but Ra’s temple has disappeared. Read on to discover the alternate fate of ‘Horus’ Idris, the pharaoh. 


  • Pharaoh’s headdress with linked crest feathers
  • Eagle talons and bladed feathers on boots and gauntlets
  • Metal tech face mask
  • Golden spear
  • Shendyt skirt, obsidian jeweled belt and chest piece
  • Winged and jeweled chakram




The Lost Temple of Ra

After seven nights on camelback, the Horus King of the Great House found nothing at the site of the Temple of Ra but endless green, pink and blue sand dunes whirling in the wind. The disciples who had accompanied him consulted the star charts, but they were not lost. Still, the temple was nowhere to be found.

“The temple has been lifted from the world,” surmised a disciple.

“The temple has been made invisible,” argued another.

“Ra has abandoned us,” wailed another. “Now the Churn will end us all!”

The disciples gathered in a circle and sang hymns. They consulted the old scrolls. They hypnotized one another and beseeched Ra to speak through their mouths. They argued until dawn, but the temple remained lost.

The Horus King watched without speaking, and so only he noticed the boy acolyte who, bored by the proceedings, dug in the sand and found the crystal jewel. The jewel grew and grew as the boy dug, widening from its sharp point.

“Behold,” the king announced to the disciples, “the tip of an obelisk.”

“The Temple of Ra is buried,” gasped a disciple.

“This is why the Glass City has suffered,” surmised another. “Ra is trapped beneath the sands.”

“Then we must free him,” said the Horus King. “Dig to the entrance.”

For many days, the Disciples of Ra and the Horus King dug until a door to the Temple was found and cleared.

“Stay here, and do not allow the sands to bury the temple while I am inside,” said the Horus King.

“Beware the guardian, your majesty,” warned the boy acolyte.

The Horus King turned his impersonal glowing eyes onto the boy and nodded before lifting his torch and entering the dark temple alone.

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